Belize Bureau of Standards moves to give accreditation to Private Medical Laboratories

The Belize Bureau of Standards is working with its regional partners to see local laboratories – of all kinds – be formally accredited so that the tests conducted in them are accurate and trustworthy. We spoke to Director Jose Trejo for news of a project to that end.

vlcsnap-2013-11-05-09h42m09s121Dr. Jose Trejo- Director of Laboratory

“We have a legislated mandate.   I think the willingness is there.   Just recently, we conducted a series of meetings with the private medical laboratories and there is a commitment as a general sentiment that we need to move for accreditation efforts in the country and I think that we have the willingness and the commitments from our colleagues to move”.

Reporter:  “How about the technical and human resources?”

Dr. Jose Trejo:  “Well, the technical and human resources is a challenge because we have very limited resources, but through projects like these, we are building the capacity not necessarily of the bureau, but of all the stake holders in both public and private labs.   This is an initiative to develop the capacities of not only the medical or clinical laboratories, but also industrial laboratories”

Project coordinator Dr. Claire Durant explains why it is important.

vlcsnap-2013-11-05-09h40m55s143Dr. Claire Durant- Project Coordinator

“It’s extremely important in order for the confidence of the public to be certain that whatever results are being provided to them are accurate and that they have confidence in the laboratory and the personnel and the staff and all the policy makers and regulators around understand that all of the aspects, from the time the sample is taken, though its testing in the laboratory straight through until we have the result, need to be done in an organized and standardized manner, so that you are certain that everything is being done correctly.   What the project is doing is helping that entire process, so that it becomes more efficient”.

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