Belize Camping Experience winds up summer camp

The Harvest for Kids/Belize Camping Experience crew have been all over Belize City making memories for young Belizeans attending their camps. Their tireless work year round in the name of Christ’s youngest disciples is a reminder that no one is least in the eyes of God. We visited their camp on Victoria Street this afternoon and spoke with assistant coordinator Josie Gongora.

Josee Gongora –  Camp Director, Belize Camping ExperienceHarvest-for-Kids0002-150x150

“Our theme is shine. We all have a light inside of us and we can let it shine and we can let it be the light of Belize. Our vision is to see Belize change Belize. If you look around there is different cultures here. What we have here is different youths across the country coming together to change Belize, especially Belize City. Where we see that there is a lot of need. Coming to this city, not only myself but different people, I speak to people from different place and they come to a place where people don’t want to come. I see that there is hope in Belize City. We have walked across the streets of Belize City giving food to the homeless. We have walked on the London bridges where these kids come from, underprivileged, poor you could say. But they know God and when we see them, we see hope and we see that there can be a change for Belize.”

Most of BCE’s funds come from their annual harvest and sale of corn and rice planted in the Orange Walk and Cayo District, which the kids get to watch over. This year, according to director and founder Alexander Perez, they have added soy beans. He tells us more.

Alexander Perez – BCE Director and Foundervlcsnap-2015-08-07-10h51m11s158

“One of the crops I’ve never seen before is soya beans. Soya beans is a little white beans. We planted the 17th of June, it was 40 acres of soya beans and today we are asking for rain because we really need the rain. The whole crop is a completely different crop. I have never seenvlcsnap-2015-08-07-10h45m26s42 the crop before, so what I’ve done is take kids out there, we are going to take more kids so that they can see what it is. A farmer can tell what a crop is, but it is nothing when you take them out and explain the whole process. For me , I love Belize City, but I love going on those trips outside because it really brings back to what I am going . It is because there is nothing to do, no, there is a lot to do but when you see the practical lesson of planting beans and raising support for our kids, it actually brings hope.  Even a farmer our there can help the city, even a business can donate some fertilizer and we are all a part of the change.”


Perez says they are working with Caribbean Chicken to endorse Harvest for Kids and donate all profits from sales of chicken to the organization. They already receive a portion of profits from the partnership with Circle R Rice of Blue Creek. Harvests are due later this year but the harvest of kids continues this week and next week in Orange Walk and Hattieville.

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