Belize Can “Occupies Belmopan” in Protest of Gender Policy

Belizean activist Patrick Menzies is known for his very direct approach to the Government as it pertains to the Gender Policy.

His latest attempt to get the Government’s attention  is not a one day event, however, it is for, and we quote ” as long as it takes”.  This event he calls Occupying Belmopan.

The idea he said was to be out at the National Assembly 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the Prime Minister fulfills their demands.

Patrick Menzies – President of Belize CanPatrick Menzies pic

“Until, hopefully soon, the Prime Minister decides to retract the Gender Policy, to make an official declaration that Gender equals male of female only.  Besides that, to also look at the victimization issues in Belize, and make a policy or law, maybe a whistle blowers law, where people who share information are not victimised, like what’s happening right now, what’s happened for decades.  So that’s what we’re also looking at.  and last but not lease, we want Section 60 of the new Criminal Code reworded or clarified.”

However, he could not tell us whether this was a form of demonstration or protest.

Patrick Menzies

“It’s ‘Occupy Belmopan’. We’re doing a bunch of church services, basically.  We’re getting together.  We’re doing some teachings.  We’re having singing, prayer, just like you’d do at a regular church service, except that we also include the teaching of the constitution.” 

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