Belize Chamber of Commerce supports the restructuring of the PAC

In Friday’s newscast, we told you that the Prime Minister of Belize said he would oppose Hon. Julius Espat’s motion expected this Wednesday at the House of Representatives. That motion would be for the revising of the structure of the Public Accounts Committee, which is presently chaired by Hon. Espat.  The Public Accounts Committee is an oversight body which has the duty of examining and reporting on the accounts  showing  the  appropriation  of  the  sums  granted  by  the  National  Assembly  to  meet the public expenditure of the country.  Today, The Belize Chamber of Commerce issued a press release saying that it will support the motion for the restructuring of the PAC. The release says in part that  the current structure of the  PAC undermines its purpose as control of the PAC ultimately rests in the hands of the majority of the  House of Representatives – the very body responsible for approving the country’s budget. In effect, the  Government’s spending of public funds is therefore being scrutinized by a Government-controlled PAC.”  The release further states that the  Chamber  has  seen  the  Motion  proposed  by  the  Opposition  and  while  it  considers  that  the  Resolution does not go far enough, the Chamber believes it is a step in the right direction. It ends by saying that it is the Chamber’s  sincere  hope  that  the  Government  and  the  Opposition  can  work  together  to  achieve  this  result.

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