Belize City Businessman hurt by armed robber

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A businessman was spared his life this morning during an armed hold-up in the heart of Belize City just before the lunch break rush. His wife had just left at around 11:30 to walk their dog and so Sunil Balani was alone inside MC Collections, one of three stores located within Little India Stores on Albert Street. That was when a gunman entered and demanded money. He apparently did not like Balani’s response that business was slow and during the exhange a gunshot was fired. Fortunately, Balani was not injured by the shot but the gunman then proceeded to gun-butt him to the face. We are told police retrieved an expended Shell from the scene. They have not yet issued a report on the incident so we cannot say if anyone has been detained. Reports are that the suspect may have left his bike around the corner and walked to the store.

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