Belize City Council prepares for hurricane season

Belizeans are gearing up for the hurricane season and today the Belize City Council called planners to its Emergency Operations Center for major disasters located on the top floor of the Channel 5 (formerly NDFB) Building on Coney Drive. Councilor responsible for disaster management for City Hall, Philip Willoughby, tells us more.

Philip Willoughby – Councilor:
vlcsnap-2013-04-25-21h49m16s81What we have going on here today at our EOC for the Belize City Emergency committees is an Emergency Operations Center review of our standard operating procedures as to how the EOC operates during a disaster after it has been activated. Today’s facilitator is Colonel Sheldon, the Deputy National Emergency Coordinator for NEMO and he has fine tuned in terms of getting us ready and prepared with continued training for the EOC operations personnel.

According to Willoughby the procedure for manning the center in the wake of a major disaster will be reviewed.

Philip Willoughby – Councilor:
Just standard operating procedures receiving information, the dissemination of information, the standard operating procedures for the functionality of the Emergency Operations Center.

In related news, the Council has prepared and released the formal evacuation route from the City for hurricanes and other major disasters. Councilor Willoughby outlines how motorists should be going in order to avoid unnecessary congestion of major arteries and reduce stress and havoc at these times.

Philip Willoughby – Councilor:
Yesterday we launched our evacuation route for Belize City for the north side from both Water Marine terminals on North Front Street, you take Marine Parade, Princess Margaret Drive, continue along and you exit through Coney Drive and you continue down to the Phillip Goldson International Highway at the Roundabout and you can exit the city, providing you continue traverse through the Belcan Bridge, you can exist through Mahogany Street Extension, Lacroix Boulevard, Holy Emmanuel to the George Price Highway . You can also exit via Vernon Street to the Western Highway. You have the corner of Albert Street and Cemetery Road going to the connection of the George Price Highway. Going further down you can exist through the Faber’s Road extension to the George Price Highway.

There will be 70 signs posted along these routes and seven evacuation assembly points have been established. The Northside points are the Brodies Parking Lot on the Philip Goldson Highway, Cinderella Plaza and Lopez Mateos Park in Kings’ Park. On the Southside, persons can assemble at Wilton Cumberbatch Field in Port Loyola, the old Novelos Bus Terminal on West Collet Canal, the Fabers’ Road Extension Football Field and the basketball court on Jane Usher Boulevard.

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