Belize City Family in Urgent Need After Their House Got Burnt Down

A Belize City man needs help picking up the pieces after his house burned down on Friday night. Iguana Street Extension resident Anthony Leslie told us today that he learned his house was on fire after going to police to report being beaten up by relatives of a young boy accused of mischief with one of his neighbors. He tells us what happened.

vlcsnap-2014-03-18-19h35m48s218Mr. Anthony Leslie- Victim of Assault and Arson 

“On Friday night, we had a small conflict with a Chinese neighbour who has a store beside me and the windshield has been bussed by one of my neighbour’s son.  His uncle came and approached me and said, “ah wah mek the police dehn pick up fih he nephew and deh abuse up fuh he nephew fuh weh e bus the windshield.  We went to the police station at Racoon Precint and we mek dehn release dih lee bway.  When we gahn bac huo to the shap, and relax lee bit and I went to my yaad, two man waak fahn di bakka my yaad, ca my yaad is an open yaad.  Two man waak fahn di bakka my yaad and approach me and staat tu jump on me an staat tu beat me on dih grong and ting, dats why I have deh ya bruuz and ting on my face.  So I canshos dat a I gata knife on my waiste and I jump up and I juk one a dehn eena e sholda, and when I juk one a dehn eean e sholda, dih nex one run cras ah e ma hous.  I went to the Racoon Station to make a report right away afta da canflic, yu nuo.  When I am making a report, the sergeant in te Racoon vlcsnap-2014-03-18-19h40m46s135Station get report, a phone call that a house is burning.  I asked he weh calla dih house.  He say the house da yellow and white. Ah tella, da my house di man dih just bonn dong, mein!”

Mr. Leslie was rushed home by police but he could do nothing to save the contents of his home, which were not insured. The total value of the house and its contents were $35,000.  Leslie has two daughters going to school and lived alone.  He told us that he strongly believes the house was deliberately set on fire.

Mr. Anthony Leslie:  “The law did come to see me due to I was in pain and taking pills and so, no?”

Reporter:  “But, did they respond to the incident?”

Mr. Anthony Leslie:  “Yeah, they respond to the fire.  I wasn’t there.  I was in the police station giving a report when my house was burning”.

Reporter:  “So, what is your next step?

Mr. Anthony Leslie:  “My next step is I gwain go check wit my minista eena di area, minista ah edicayshan, Patrick Faber if e cud bil bac di hous, becaz da just me one.  My fadda don die, my madda don die, and ah gat two kids going to callidsh.  Dats why I rent out one and live in one.  So, ah gat to try bil it bac and cantinue”.

If you can assist Leslie to get back on his feet please contact 629-40 89.

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