Belize City fishermen harvest shrimp near shore

vlcsnap-2016-01-21-09h28m47s971While a few may balk at the cooler weather that has prevailed over the last few days, the recent vlcsnap-2016-01-21-09h29m00s395cold front is welcomed by many; we even have a name for these cold fronts, “together weather”. But today, Plusnews found another group of people that are very pleased with the weather conditions; land fishermen in Belize City. Earlier today we visited the Caribbean shores park area in Belize City where the word “ BELIZE” is spelt out in bold cemented letters only to find, not only tourists enjoying the site, but a bunch of fishermen on land, in boats and in the water itself fishing for shrimp; and some huge ones at that. Allen Valencio, a city fisherman, was only too willing to speak to us about shrimping from a Belize City beach, that is, after we purchased a few pounds of his catch. Valencio has been shrimping for 14 years, but it has only been the last few months that this location is yielding quite a catch. Some of the fishermen catch between 10 and 15 pounds in a day; and at a minimum of 10 dollars per pound, that’s up to $150.00 for a day’s catch. Passersby stop and buy their shrimp as for many city residents, it cannot get any fresher than this. By noon, several of the fishermen were already calling it a day and heading into the city to sell their jumbo shrimp to restaurants and residents in the area. vlcsnap-2016-01-21-09h28m44s500

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