Belize City man assaulted at Someone Else’s House

Police are investigating reports of an aggravated burglary that occurred at around 4:00 pm on Monday August 4th. According to 50 year old Simeon Bowen, a Belizean Contractor, he was working on a home in the Sunset Park area, Belize City, when he heard the dogs barking. As a result he went to investigate what was going on. Then upon opening the door, he saw two men of dark complexion, one armed with a handgun who demanded money. Mr Bowen reportedly told them he was just working at the house. The men then told him to get on the ground or they would kill him. Fearing for his life Simeon Bowen complied. As the two men were leaving the house they instructed him to stay down and locked the door behind them making good their escape. Police investigations continue.

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