Belize City Man Drowns on his Birthday

Police24-year-old Keron Michael Jeffords drowned on his birthday. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon  at Hendy’s Farm in Isabella Bank Village in the Belize District.

Police say that sometime around 3 o’clock  on Sunday afternoon,  24-year-old Keron Michael Jeffords of Raccoon Street Extension Belize City arrived at Mr. Hendy’s Farm along with seven friends from Belize City to socialize as it was Keron’s birthday.

They were socialising under Mr. Hendy’s house and about half an hour they all went to swim in the Belize Old River.  Keron Jeffords was the first one to jump into the river followed by the rest of his friends.

They began swimming across the river but Keron’s friends say they realized that the current was too strong and they turned back to the river bank, but Keron continued swimming to cross the river .

That is when he was swept downstream due to the strong currents and disappeared under the water.

A search was conducted by the villagers along with members of the Belize Coast Guard, Belize Port Authority and BDF. Early this morning, Jefford’s body was recovered.

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