Belize City man found guilty of firearm offenses in attempted bank robbery

2 year old Jamaal Jackson beat a murder rap about a year ago and was later charged with kept unlicensed firearm and ammunition after he was shot in the foot by police during an attempted robbery at Scotia Bank in February of last year. Today, he was convicted of the two firearm related offenses in the court room of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. Jackson is believed to be one of 2 men who were lay waiting a person who went to make a deposit at the Nova Scotia Bank that fateful night. But reports are that before he and his alleged accomplice could move in to rob the person making the deposit, a traffic mobile passed by at the same time on Albert Street and as the mobile was passing the bank area, the would be robbers got jumpy and fired shots at the police mobile. Police returned fire and while one of the men escaped unhurt, the other was shot in the leg.  Police say they followed the blood trail and found Jackson not only limping and bleeding, but with a 9 mm pistol loaded with 9 live rounds of ammunition.  In the trial, Jackson denied the allegations of being found with any gun. In fact, he told the court that he was never at the crime scene and that he was walking his girlfriend home when he got a cut on his foot. Sentencing has been deferred for next week Tuesday, June 20, 2017vlcsnap-2017-06-15-16h11m40s055

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