Belize City Man Murdered in Ladyville

vlcsnap-2014-05-08-18h01m49s40Around 6:00 Wednesday evening, a Belize City man was executed in the village of Ladyville near a popular gas station.

According to police, 27 year old Vincent Martinez Jr. of a Kings’ Park address in Belize City was found motionless in a pool of blood with a single gunshot wound to the right side of the head at the bus stop in front of Puma gas station located at the corner of the Philip Goldson Highway and Marage Road in Ladyville.  He was shirtless and wearing long blue jeans pants.

Police say Martinez was sitting at the bus stop when a single gunman, dark-skinned and in white shirt and black long pants, ran at him from the direction of Marage Road and fired once at Martinez, before running back the way he came and escaping in a waiting car.

Additional information to PLUS News is that Martinez had come to Ladyville earlier in the day to attend a family member’s funeral but somehow missed the bus that was transporting attendees from Belize City.

It is not clear what happened afterward that led him to the bus stop and his death.  ASP Christopher Noble spoke to the media about this latest murder.

Reporter:  “Mr. Noble, can you basically tell us what the police knows at this stage on this crime?”

vlcsnap-2014-05-08-18h07m32s23Asp. Chris Noble:  “What we know is that the police got an information of a shooting.  When we came out here, we met one male person with n apparent injury to the head.  The person succumbed unseen.  We have persons or a person that we may be looking for, not from this area.  We have established that such gentleman does not reside in this area, but nay have been coming from an event in the area.

Reporter:  “That is the victim?”

Asp. Chris Noble:  “Yes”.

Reporter:  “Have you been able to determine if it was a drive-by or any other information about how he actually got shot?”

Asp. Chris Noble:  “Like I said before, the information is quite preliminary; we know he was at an event earlier today, but to say why he was pr where he was, I cannot at this stage”.  

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