Belize City Mayor Begins Countdown to Open the BTL Park

As of Monday, it is 41 days and counting to the opening of BTL Park.   Today, the press was invited to the formal countdown, launched by Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, who updated the press on what has been done so far.

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-07h51m56s48Mr. Darrel Bradley-Mayor of Belize City

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-09h28m01s193“We invite members of the media to look at the progress; you will see that about 65% of the park has already been completed, and what we will do this morning is that we will unveil a sign, which is right behind me, and the sign will be a countdown.   It’s going to be 41 days to the opening of BTL Park.   I said 41 days, God willing and with the weather cooperating with us.   We have a representative Daniel Arguelles Consulting Firm of IE and who’s here with us and we are working day-in-day-out; you see that the rains are upon us this morning, but the men are still working out there to finish the park on completion date.   So, we are going to cross our fingers and we are going to pray that within 41 days from now, on the 7th of December, BTL Park will be open to members of the public”.  

Later, the celebrated Mayor avidly spoke of some of the proposals for some  innovative businesses for such area.

Mr. Darrel Bradley

A lot of it is very dynamic, for example there is a proposal for a jet-ski business, somebody sent us an idea in relation to a pier; they want to have booth at the end of the park so that you can come to take you on a tour for twenty minutes around the coastline of Belize City and bring you back to the park; there is a business idea that has to do with flowers in the park so that if you are walking with your girlfriend or your wife or your husband, you can stop and you can buy a flowers and say “here darling” and dehng kind ah thing.   So, a lot of the ideas that we have is very innovative, it’s very different, it’s very novel and we want to have food vendors, but we are trying to diversify for the mere fact that we want to be commercially viable.   Everybody can’t sell the same thing.  

But there will be a place for the original vendors who number 7. The Council is also making an effort to diversify the business structure in the area.

Mr. Darrel Bradley

Well, one of the issues in relation to the vendors in BTL Park is that they are very concerned with growing the park.   Originally, the park had 7 kiosks; now we are bringing 23.   So, that one of the concerns that was raised is that if we 23 people we want them to make sure that it’s commercially viable, that people don’t run out of business, that there is not a glot, like, you can’t have 23 people selling hot dogs; nobody would make any money.   So, what we are dong is that we are having a lot of conversations with the Vendors  Association so that we leave it up to them to ensure that they are telling us what kind of businesses will be in BTL Park.   We have 32 applications and we have 7 original vendors.   So, we are supposed to have about 40 types of business proposals”.

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