Belize City Mayor follows Master Plan for Restorations

On Monday you heard from Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley concerning the planned upgrades of Battlefield Park. The City has been hauled up by its bootstraps since he took office, but some wonder why the wholesale change. He says it is all part of a Master Plan.

Philip Bradley – Mayor of Belize City:
vlcsnap-2013-04-24-19h50m08s53The master plan was done two years ago.  That master plan has been sitting on people’s desks for two years.  It’s not like from that plan was finished to now there has been planning.  That plan was sitting on somebody’s desk when I became Mayor.  We were talking about ways in which we could improve the city at a macro level,  We took up all the proposals and plans that were out there, including several drainage proposals, several infrastructure proposals. we looked at all the components there in line with our “Open for business” campaign, and wanting to stimulate economic development.  We took out of that document projects and plans that feel could have been done. So it’s not as if this was one continuous, on-going planning stage.  We took the project. which nothing was going to be done with that today, next week, next month, and we went with it, because it’s an idea, which I think is a very good idea, and a positive idea, for the downtown area.

According to the Mayor the Council still wants to deal with the homeless problem.

Philip Bradley – Mayor of Belize City:
vlcsnap-2013-04-24-19h50m15s128We will move then from the Park.  We don’t have to convince anybody.  You can’t sleep in a Park.  We have laws about that.  We are going to move them from the Park.  The issue with the Battlefield Park, the issue with BTL Park, the issue with Chetumal Street, the issue with the Northern Highway Project, including Central American Boulevard, and the Market zone, all of these areas are mentioned in the Master Plan.  So that when we do development plans in the city, it’s not just that I just think about it one day and I say “Mek we do this.”  We are following a plan and proposal fore the restoration of Belize City

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