Belize City Mayor updates on bond, zoning issue

The Belize City Council is hosting a special meeting on Thursday in the Kings’ Park area to discuss zoning issues. A six-story building being currently built on Princess Margaret Drive has raised concern from area residents and revived the zoning issue. Today we spoke with Mayor Darrell Bradley about it.  The Mayor pointed out that most of the Kings’ Park area, one of the most upscale in Belize City, is residential, but existing commercial and other buildings may be “grandfathered” in. The Council, he said, would not push the issue but be sure to get publicvlcsnap-2016-02-10-10h16m00s412 comment, and the area itself is fairly small, not covering the mixed-use Sixth Street area. The meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at the Adolfo Lopez Mateos Park across from Trinity Methodist School. Meanwhile, some 120 streets in Belize City were paid for with monies from the 20 million dollar municipal bond organized by the Council in 2012. The repayment, Mayor Bradley reports, is coming along fine. The Council continues to diligently save from its funds to finish paying off the bond. It had expressed plans to refloat the paid portion to build more streets, but has not triggered that plan. Why? The Mayor himself could not give an answer: Bradley says they will now rely on revolving funds coming from property tax and trade licenses to finish some ongoing projects.

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