Belize City Police destroy illicit drugs

vlcsnap-2013-02-06-19h26m00s77This morning in Belize City at an undisclosed location, representatives of law enforcement and the judiciary as well as PLUS News were on hand to witness the destruction of quantities of various illicit drugs. It happens occasionally and today we spoke with Mario Bustillos, exhibit keeper for the Police,

Mario Bustillos – Exhibit keeper for the Police:

vlcsnap-2013-02-06-19h26m15s206We’re destroying Concluded Evidence and Found Property, which also includes drugs.  We are destroying crack cocaine [and] marijuana. I can’t tell you on a specific number, but an estimate of a hundred pounds of cocaine has been destroyed just now, and a hundred and thirty pounds of assorted crack cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine has been destroyed.

Bustillos spoke further about the procedure for today’s event.

Mario Bustillos – Exhibit keeper for the Police:
The process is, we get these key people together, we have them come down here, the drugs have been tagged in a list, in an order. As we go destroying vlcsnap-2013-02-07-09h41m15s221them, the number of the certain parcel is called out,and then when it is brought up it’s crossed referenced with a list that has been provided to each one of these persons who are attending, and they would cross out after seeing the drug, and then the drug will be thrown into the furnace for destruction.  Because of the fumes they would cover their faces, so that they would not get the effects of the fumes vaporizing from that cocaine, that crack cocaine, [and] the weed that is coming out. Gloves [are used] for the the people who will be handling [those items].

The event started early this morning and finished shortly before noon

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