Belize City resident robbed by men claiming to be Police

A Belize City resident says he was knocked over the head and robbed by men claiming to be Police. The 27 year old electrician says that around 12am on Wednesday, he was driving his SUV on Euphrates Avenue, and when he reached the intersection of Euphrates Avenue and King Street, the vehicle ran out of fuel. He says while inside the vehicle, a white SUV pulled up in front of him and four dark skin men came out wielding firearms. The men, he says, identified themselves as Police Officers and that they wanted to conduct a search on him and the vehicle. While three of the men were searching the truck, the other searched him and took away $200 in cash from out of his pants pocket. He was then reportedly hit to the back of his head, causing him to fall to the ground. Fearing for his life, he got up and ran up King Street, breaking away from the group. He later went back to where the incident happened with real Police officers and found out that his car battery, car key, and Nokia phone were missing. Authorities have since recovered the items and detained a 45 year old man of Conch Shell Bay. The victim’s injuries were classified as wounding.

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