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As part of its Master Plan, the Belize City Council is the process of carrying out an overhaul of the old Capital. Our colleagues at Krem Radio caught up with the Mayor, Darrell Bradley on Thursday, where he provided an update on first the renovation of the city’s streets.

vlcsnap-2013-10-21-08h21m48s87Mr. Darrel Bradley- Mayor of Belize City

“We are moving out of some of the critical areas: Queen Streets to Freetown Roads, the Barrack Roads, we finished with those.   The only major street in the major downtown that we are left to do is Douglas Jones Street, which is going to commence next week as soon as BWS completes their water installation works.   Then, we have finished up North Front Street which was causing serious anxiety for members of the public.   They just have media works in terms of cleaning works, and that street is now open to the public; we have finished Cran Street; we are going to do Cleghorn Street and Slaughterhouse Road and then, we are across the bridge, we are doing East and West Collet Canal.   We finished South Street; they are going to finish a section of Dean Street and then, we are going to take King Street and Dean Street, all the way to the Market Area; and when all those projects are finished, we will be completed with those essential areas”.

The Mayor noted that West Street too, will be receiving major upgrades. There are also plans to establish improved drainage systems. And with, the Council is well on its way to completing street works financed through the Municipal Bond. The Mayor says they are aspiring to renovate at least 10 to 15 mores road ways.

Mayor Darrel Bradley

“And the other projects are more in neighbourhoods, so that residents of Belize City should not experience the kind of traffic disruption as would have obtained when we are doing downtown or major areas.   We are on streets like Juliet Soberanis Street.   We are on a lot of streets in the Port Loyola Area near Finney Crescent Gales Street; we are on Newtown Barracks, we are on Baymen Avenue; it’s a massive coordinating effort, it’s taking us a lot of time, but so far, we have completed 92 streets.   Residents have told us that they like the infrastructure works, and I am pleased to report that we are closer to finishing than beginning.   I remember when we had problems when we are at 20 or 30.   Now, we only have 10 more to go.   It looks like we will be able to get like 15, or closer to 15, so, we’ll be closer to 105 or 110 streets that we will be able to do with the bond proceeds and it will be an alleviation in terms of traffic, and then also in terms of the condition in the infrastructure”.

The newly refurbished Battlefield Park was inaugurated mid-last month, but there are still works to be done at that area. Mayor Bradley explains.

Mayor Darrel Bradley

 “In front of Battlefield Park, you see a lot of kids skateboarding, you see the fountain rearing, you see people in the park, I notice that people like to buy from the Ice Cream Parlour and they are staying in the park and they are enjoying it.   In the next two weeks, we will have the two booths that are in Battlefield Park open to members of the public: nice palapas where people could sit.   We are working also with the Taxi Associations.   Even though, it’s been difficult, it has worked so that we have a situation where we have maintained all the Taxi Association spots in the downtown; just that they don’t have the spots right in front of BTL Park; and we have kept five spots there, open for members of the public for short term parking.   So, you can’t park there for over two hours.:

The area which houses the BTL park that was also recently restored will too receive more upgrades, including the construction of a pier.

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