Belize City teenager fatally stabbed in Burrell Boom

lennox28.12.15 - CopyLennox Flowers, just 18-years-old, was targeted for murder at an entertainment event at Castleton Park just after the annual Boxing Day horse racing meet, in Burrell Boom. Here is Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural, Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster speaking about the progress of their investigation into the stabbing death:


Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Commander, Rural Eastern Division: 
“About 9:10 p.m., our officers were alerted to a confrontation at the Charleston Park in Burrell Boom.  This was an event that took place after the Burrell Boom horserace where they discovered a male vlcsnap-2420-05-06-05h28m06s898person on the ground bleeding profusely.  Ambulances were called for him but apparently they were occupied so he was then rushed to the K.H.M.H. where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  That person is Lennox Pierez Flowers, eighteen-years-old of a Partridge Street Extension.  We have in our custody two individuals that we believe are responsible for the death of Mr. Flowers and we’re looking for a third individual who will be charged for murder in this case.”

lennox28.12.15a - CopyFlowers came from a large family of 8 children, and those who knew him say he stood out as the life of the party, until his life was taken just after 9 p.m. on Boxing Day. This morning when we spoke to Lennox’ mother, Jennifer Thomas, she was being strong but the loss is immeasurable:

Jennifer Thomas, Mother of Deceased: “My son is a part of no gang. He is not into gangs. When my son is not here, he is at Mr. Longsworth house in Belama or he works with Traffic Department or he works at the port with John Longsworth. He is not a trouble child vlcsnap-8141-10-23-15h05m13s222 - Copynot gang related. It’s a setup, because the young lady set up the guys to kill my son. The young lady that set it up, to be frank with you, vlcsnap-6369-11-25-06h41m31s218 - Copyshe was an ex-girlfriend. But the lifestyle she lives is not for my family. I can’t choose for my kids, but I wish that my kids could always have a good partner, because I work very hard for them. So I told him that’s not the life – you got to get out and my kids they listen to me. I have no problem. All my kids listens to me.”

Lennox Flowers was stabbed four times. Police recovered a knife from the scene. Among those detained is a fisherman and a resident of Caye Caulker.

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