Belize City youths trained in Barbering

The YWCA and Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) of the U.S. Government have teamed up in an initiative to provide training to Belize City youths interested in barbering. Shearing off hair and providing intricate designs for those who are into that is becoming something of a science, but according to professional barber and trainer Fareed Ahmad, it can also become big business.

Fareed Ahmad – Barber and Trainer:
vlcsnap-2013-05-06-18h59m25s219We also work on an aspect of the trail which many people don’t focus on which is the personal development aspect. With barbering, many people can have the skills in barbering but don’t have the ability to capture their customers and maintain a customer base, which is very important in any business.  These guys came here, they grasped some of the skills, and as you know about barbering, in any art also, as time goes by you develop your skills.  I’ve been doing barbering for many years, but daily I learned certain little tricks also,  So it’s a revolving art.  Sometime I learn from the younger ones.  So it’s dynamic. It’s something that I’m thankful I’ve been a part of.  vlcsnap-2013-05-06-19h07m03s19These guys, these youths have been putting in several months in training, and they went out, done some training on their own, some working out on their own, and now this competition.
It’s very good.

The training climaxed with a cut-off competition this morning.

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