Belize Corporal and company busted with weed

A Belize Police Corporal and two others were busted with suspected weed at the Customs Checkpoint at the Belize Northern Border.
According to Police reports, on Friday November 21st sometime around 5:45 pm., a red Geo Prism car with Belizean license plates approached the check point. Occupying the vehicle at the time were 30 year old Shaun Andrews, a Belizean Corporal of Police, who was on the driver’s seat; 25 years old Brandon Casey, a Belizean Construction Worker; and 26 year old Dwayne Zuniga, an unemployed Belizean.
Customs personnel on duty at the time checked the vehicle, which started experiencing mechanical problems. When the driver lifted the bonnet of the vehicle, customs personnel saw two parcels wrapped in transparent plastic bags containing suspected cannabis.
The drugs were confiscated and handed over to Corozal Police. The parcels combined weighed a total of 1,570 grams. 30 year old PC Shaun Andrews, 25 year old Brandon Casey, and 26 year old Dwayne Zuniga were all arrested and charged for the offence of drug trafficking.

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