Belize Cycling Association hosted their Annual King of the Hills Race

vlcsnap-2013-08-22-14h08m45s172This past Sunday the streets of San Ignacio were flooded with ecstatic cycling fans cheering on their favourite team. This was all as a result of the Belize Cycling Association hosting their Annual King of the Hills race. Our Western Correspondent got to speak with one of the officials in charge of coordinating the event. Daniel Cano, Vice President of the Cyclist Association in the Western Region, told us more about race.

Daniel Cano –  VP of the Cyclist Association in the Western Region;

vlcsnap-2013-08-22-14h07m23s91Today I’m helping with the officiating, also the organizing of the race here.  We’re starting off with the Weekend Warriors League.  They have joined us today.  They will be riding to Benque and back.  We also have children’s races which will be starting as soon as they move off, probably around 9 o’clock.  Once the Weekend Warriors Race is finished then we will do the big race which is the elite riders, the masters riders, and junior riders, which is 20 laps around San Ignacio.   



vlcsnap-2013-08-22-14h05m53s206The participating riders comprised of both young and veteran cyclists and while the pressure was on to prove their abilities, the riders never forgot the purpose of the ride, which is to build friendships and have fun

The children’s race was also filled with anticipation as the kids, persistent as they were, struggled with all their might to conquer the mountainous streets of San Ignacio; and with a little help from the big riders and a whole lot of determination, success was inevitable.

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