Belize Diabetes Association receives donation of valuable medication

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-09h27m11s147vlcsnap-2013-08-23-09h27m01s226The Belize Diabetes Association is on the forefront of the fight against diabetes in Belize. Nicknamed “the silent killer,” it is Belize’s leading cause of death. In fact, worldwide, if the number of persons living with diabetes was its own population, at 371 million as of 2012 it would be the third largest country in the world – behind only China and India! As frightening as that sounds, on the ground there is a major concern in Belize among patients who suffer foot injuries and ulcers that lead to amputations. To combat this, the Association has teamed up with a U.S. organization who has donated $50,000 worth of a valuable medicine called Cellerate Rx Activated Collagen. We spoke to the president of the Association, Anthony Castillo.

Anthony Castillo –  President, Belize Diabetes Association:

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-09h25m42s3This morning we are very grateful to Harvest Ministry for having donated to us a quantity of medication called Cellerate RX.  This medication is primarily used for diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds and regular ulcers.  As you may be aware, problem with the feet is one of the complications suffered by people living with diabetes.  While we, at the association, continue to preach healthy living, healthy choices for healthy living, there are some of us, for one reason or the other, who will have complications with the feet.  I think that there are much too many amputations taking place in this country and it’s all because the lack of education, the lack of care, etc.  So I think that this move will help quite a bit of us who may have ulcer, who have diabetes, have some of the complications, have ulcer.  This medication will help to treat and cure those ulcers.

Representative of the donating company, Orlando, Florida’s Wound Care Innovations is Harvest Ministries’ Belize’s Reverend Albert Cattouse. Rev. Cattouse says that with the blessing of the Ministry of Health, the treatment will soon be made available.

Reverend Alcert Cattouse – Harvest Ministries:

vlcsnap-2013-08-23-09h29m45s151In Belize we don’t use the word ‘ulcer’ to refer to sores. These sores break up on your feet, and they perceived to be incurable.  People have been going back and forth to the clinics, getting dressings and treatments, and for years there’s no healing.  Cellerate has gone through the rigors of evaluations through the Ministry of Health, and it’s put on to the market.  Cellerate will heal your wound, if you follow [the instructions].  Harvest Ministries Belize, on behalf of Wound Care Innovations of Orlando,is offering donations to the Belize Diabetes Association, to attack and alleviate this area of amputation.

According to Anthony Castillo, the Association continues its other work in fighting diabetes. The Association’s offices are located on the second floor of the Commercial Center in Belize City.

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