Belize District Reports More Shootings

gun shootingBelize-Police-BadgeThere was a shooting incident this morning where two men were shot. It happened in the Ladyville area. Police say that Corey McKay was shot twice to the back while Kareem Arnold was shot once to the shoulder.  Police say they are seeking the shooter.

There was another shooting on Sunday night. 21-year-old Anthony Young, a Belizean fisherman was shot to his right ankle and left wrist. Police say that Young was socializing in an alley at the corner of Armadillo and Dolphin Street when he heard apparent gun shots behind him.

As a result, he ran into a school yard at #1 Supal Street and hid behind the building but he had already been shot. Five 9mm expended shells were retrieved from the scene and Anthony Young and he was admitted to ward in a stable condition.

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