Belize Dry Cleaners Employees Receive Training

vlcsnap-2014-05-20-22h02m34s240It’s the only business of its kind in Belize but Belize Dry Cleaners never takes a day off when it comes to the business of making Belizeans look their best.

This week, employees of the dry cleaning, washing and rental company were trained by a representative of the U.S. National Cleaners Association (NCA) – one of two international federations that the company is a member of.

Allen Spielvogel, Director of Technical Services, National Cleaners Association tells us more

vlcsnap-2014-05-20-21h41m25s83Allen Spielvogel- Director of Technical Services, National Cleaners Association

“Yesterday, I worked with the customer service representatives; today I am working with the presses and finishers, and I’ll be working in the laundry and with the dry cleaners, probably tomorrow”.

Reporter:  “So, ultimately what does this do for the company as a memebr of the National Cleaners Association?”

Allen Spielvogel:  “Mr. Arnold brought me in from New York and I am training his help and the customer service people be able to help and all the people coming in here, they will be able to answer questions pertaining to dry cleaning and laundering of garments.  As far as to pressers and finishers, we are working with them so that they can boost their quality and produce a better garment for the customers”.

We found the employees hard at work pressing shirts and pants with the most modern machinery. Owner Lascelle Arnold says the company cannot afford to fall behind.

vlcsnap-2014-05-20-21h51m21s151Lascelle Arnold- Owner of Belize Dry Cleaners

“It is very important because as you go along you will notice us in the news very often changing new equipment.  So, to operate those equipments properly, we have to bring people to train the staff, so we can get the best out of those machines, be efficient and to get the service that Belizeans demand”.

One of the first faces people see when they come in is customer services representative Jerissia Smith.  She tells us that the training reinforces how to placate the occasional unruly customer.

vlcsnap-2014-05-20-21h56m57s181Jerissia Smith-  Customer Services Representative

“The difficulties are the encounters with rude customers.  Mr. Allen teach us how to have patience with them and still let them complain and still let them with the problem that they have”. 

Reporter:  “So, when the cleaning is done, you expect that you be a better place to respond to those hardships that you speak of”.

Jerissia Smith:  “Yes, sir.  I believe so”. 

Belize Dry Cleaners has been in operation for over 20 years and employs some 22 persons.

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