Belize had it right in Istanbul, says P.M.


Since the leak of the Guatemalan statement emphatically declaring that it had not agreed that Belizean citizens had “untrammelled access” to the waters of the Sarstoon, Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington has been publicly branded a “liar” and a “traitor.” Today Prime Minister Dean Barrow came to his rescue, saying that it was he who put together the information coming from Istanbul. But he maintains that Belize has it right, and offers a reason for why Guatemala must save face on this issue:

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize

“I drafted the press release that we issued after the meeting based on the report I had. CEO Wallace who always assists me in these matters made sure that we sent the draft to the Foreign Minister and to our team in Istanbul just to make sure that we were not saying anything that has not in fact taken place. I also saw where Senator Corton, who was present at that meeting, had been interviewed and he said pretty much the same thing that there was an informal agreement to let our people go. It is clear that the Guatemalans were not prepared to concede that point in public. I wasn’t there so I cannot tell you for sure that they did agree. I believe the Belizean Officials.”

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