Belize has highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the Caribbean

Belize isn’t gaining much favor in recent international reports, in fact, reviews on the country are rather disturbing. The first – a report on adolescent pregnancy titled “Motherhood In Children.” The report, commissioned by the United Nations, suggests that Belize encompasses the highest rate of teenage pregnancy within the Caribbean. In terms of Adolescent Birth Rate per 1000 for Girls ages 15-19 from 1991-2010, Belize bears 90. To put that in the context of the Caribbean – take a look at the status for its neighboring countries: Antigua & Barbuda : 67 ; Bahamas : 41; Barbados : 50; Dominica: 48; Guyana : 87; Haiti : 69; Jamaica: 72; St. Kitts : 67; St Lucia : 49; and St. Vincent : 70″ According to the findings “Latin America and the Caribbean is the only region where births to girls under age 15 rose.  In this region, such births are projected to rise  slightly through 2030.

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