Belize Health Care Partners  says Assistant Compol statement endangers them

The Belize Health Care partners issued a press release today saying that it denies allegations made by Assistant Comissioner of Polcie to the press that the Belize Integral Health Center denied treatment to Troy Cole who was shot and killed on May 4, 2016. The Belize Health Care partners relsease says,

We are alarmed by the very serious allegations published in the press yesterday regarding to the effect that the Belize Integral Health Centre closed its doors and refused treatment to Mr. Cole at a time when it was most needed. We immediately investigated these allegations and find them to be completely false.” The statement went onto explain the series of events leading up to the police removing Cole from the Health Care Partners clinic and taking him to the KHMH. The BHCP release also says,vlcsnap-2016-05-06-13h00m47s60

“… we also deeply regret the fact that the Assistant Commissioner of Police did not even afford us the opportunity to explain the situation before offering such a condemnation of our facility publicly. This allegation only increases the grief of Mr. Cole’s family at this time, condemns the medical personnel who also had a duty to protect the patients inside the clinic, and indeed exposes those who work and access the services of the clinic to harm.”

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