“Belize is for Guatemala” in Facebook Page?

vlcsnap-2014-01-14-21h34m41s30And we’re on the matter of the territorial dispute, we came across a Facebook page titled  “Belice es de Guatemala” translated in English is “Belize is for Guatemala.”

The amateur page, which currently has a following of about 89 persons, was created in July of last year is exhibiting Belize as belonging to its neighboring.

The page is equipped with that infamous map displaying Belizean terrain as a part of Guatemala, videos and even history notes.  Since being spotted by Belizeans, there is a local campaign to have the page removed from the social networking site.

But on an official and administrative position, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister has stated that the Government has no intention to entertain premature efforts of publicly promoting Belize as belonging to Guatemala.


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