Belize Jaguars beat Dominican Republic!

We start tonight’s newscast with some good news.  Belize’s Jaguars won against the Dominican Republic’s football team two to one this afternoon. And the man of the hour is Deon McCauley. It took the effort of everyday Belizeans to raise monies to bring MaCauley back to Belize to participate in the 2nd round of the FIFA Qualifiers,  and apparently,  he was worth every penny. The game started off fast paced as Belize relentlessly attacked Dominican Republic’s goal. In an attack to the goal, #20 Danny Jimenez was fouled inside the box at the 11 minute mark, and a penalty was rewarded to Belize. Belize’s best striker, Deon Mccauley took the penalty. Dominican Republic’s goal keeper blocked the ball but it rebounded and Mccauley rushed in to score it on the putback. Fans across the stadium and the Country of Belize erupted with joy and pride as Belize was up 1-0 going in to the half.  Belize started off the second half slowly and complacently and this started to give the Dominican Republic’s players confidence. At the 70 minute mark, Dominican Republic’s Jeremy Lambari scored a goal which tied the game up at 1-1. As the game went on, Belize started to pick up the defensive and offensive effort in hopes to win the game, and at the 87 minute mark, Deon Mccauley shook a defender and the goalkeeper to get what was perhaps his easiest goal in his career. This put Belize over the top with a 2-1 lead. With the remaining 3 minutes, Dominican Republic made several attempts to score, but proved futile against Belize’s defense and their goalkeeper Shane Moody Orio who made several spectacular saves. Belize’s next game against Dominican Republic will be Sunday 4pm at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan.


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