Belize Jaguars victorious over DR

Belize Jaguars  made history yesterday by qualifying for the third round of 2018 Gold Cup Qualifiers with a blowout victory against the team from the Dominican Republic; beating them 5-1 in the global score. On Sunday June 14th, Belize played the second leg of the match up against the DR team in home territory after beating DR 2 -1 in the first leg of the match. The game started around 5 pm. It was an intense first half, one that Belize dominated. From the onset, the Belize Jaguars were attacking veraciously, determined to get the ball inside the DR net. Around the 20th minute of the game, Harrison Roches would score the first goal with a brilliant top class header, that would put Belize in the lead. Belize continued to pressure and it wasn’t long after that before the second goal made its way inside the net of the DR team with a powerful left kick from Elroy Kuylen. In the Second half of the game, Belize’s top striker Deon McCauley put in the third goal for Belize making it a 3 to nil victory against the DR team.  It is noteworthy that the Dominican Republic is Ranked 39 spots higher than Belize in the 2015 FIFA  ranking, which was last updated on June 4th. The football Federation is yet to announce Belize’s opponent in the third round of Qualifiers for the Russia World Cup 2018, but as we all know, it only gets more difficult. Congratulations to Belize on their big win on Sunday.


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