Belize may be one of fasting growing economies in the Caribbean.

UNWhile Belize grapples with its murder rate, according to an article on Caribbean Journal’s Website, Belize may very well be one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean in 2014. The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean recently unveiled its updated projections for growth in 2014. And while it is only a projection, Belize ranked as number 6 with a  projected GDP growth of 2.5%. While that is the projection, last year’s actual figures for Belize GDP growth was 0.7% and the first quarter of this year was 0.4%. At the top of ECLAC’s list for 2014 is the Dominican Republic, with a projected GDP growth of 5 percent. While the slowest-growing economy projection is for Barbados, with 0.5 percent.

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