Belize People’s Front launches “Love Belize Campaign”

Every Political Party and third party is rounding up their supporters for the upcoming municipal elections, which are to take place in less than 5 months.

But the Belize People’s Front says they are saving their efforts for the big race in 2017.

Nancy Marin, Leader of the BPF, was on Rise and Shine yesterday where she introduced a new initiative called the “Love Belize Campaign”, which is aimed at raising Patriotic Belizeans.

We spoke to Nancy Marin after the show where she explained the campaign, and the efforts being made to unite the third parties under a single umbrella.


Nancy Marin – Leader of BPF

“We’re trying to encourage Belizeans to love Belize, be more patriotic, participate more, to not sit down and wait to be invited or to be called upon, to stand up and give to Belize what you have to give, your talents, your opinions, your thoughts.  Follow the rules. Follow the laws of the country.  Pay your taxes.  Do things that Belize needs you to do, and not wait.

We estimate that if we can get more Belizeans, especially our youth, to really love Belize and become patriotic to what Belize is and to learn our history.  Learn where we came from.  Then they will know where we need to go, and they will assist us in getting there, and not wait for us to hold your hand to get there.”


According to Marin, the idea was born out of an educational forum where she was invited to talk about ethics.


vlcsnap-2014-10-31-18h39m24s228Nancy Marin

“Actually, the campaigned was born through an invite that I had in Sacred Heart Junior College.  We were talking about ethics, but the whole idea came and then Louis was always talking about patriotism and the idea that if we don’t have patriotism,  then third parties will not be able to move forward, because that bis the mindset that we need to break.

We had another Pastor that we met last week, that also said the same thing. 

So, we visited our first school, I would say, at Sacred Heart Junior College, where the idea was cemented, that this is what we need, from the reactions we got back in that Ethics class.” 


The campaign is also important, according to Marin, if third parties are to have unity one day.


Nancy Marin

“I think that the unity of third parties has always been in the air somewhere.  Last year I came on Plus TV and made the call for unity of third parties.  We organized several meetings for unity of the third parties, which is actually why the Belize People’s Front was formed, because the members of the third parties said that they needed something else.  They needed an umbrella.

However, as egos will have it, some people decided they didn’t what that anymore, and they couldn’t part with their own name of their own parties. 

So again we come back to patriotism.  They really valued the name of their parties, their party color, the small funding that they were getting, if you will, and their egos more than anything.  They valued that more than the cause of Belize.

This is why the third parties have not been successfully able to unite.  We do have a few elements of the third parties that are uniting, and that are willing to work together.

But this is a struggle.  We still have faith that it will happen.  We’re still having meetings.  We’re not giving up on the cause. But it is a struggle, because people need to learn to love Belize first, and learn to love the cause of why third parties even exist. [That] should be because Belize needs us to exist, and because we want to bring change to Belize.”


The “Love Belize Campaign” launches in the month of November.

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