Belize Sagicore Champions Needs Your Help

The biennial Sagicore Visionaries Challenge kicked off in Belize on December 3rd 2014, where High schools from all across the country competed for the National Sagicore title. Returning Champions Bishop Martin High School won the challenge this time around with their project entitled “Chiya- Mayan power for Modern times” assuring them a spot to compete at the Regional Level in Tampa, Florida this coming July. And while the real competition takes place in  two months, there is an online ballot opened right now to decide the recipient for the Sagicore people’s choice award. Maria Pech is the leader of the team that is representing Belize at the Regional level. She tells us more about the People’s choice award and how you can help to put Belize on the grid once again.

Maria Pech – National Sagicore Championsvlcsnap-2015-05-13-10h05m57s231

“A vote for our project is not only for the school but a vote for Belize. Our project is no longer only for Bishop Martin’s but a project for Belize. So by voting for us, you are supporting your country and actually putting us forward. We had won this same award the last time they had it with  ‘Coconuts for Life’ and we would like to bring back the win for Belize. Just by simply voting, you can play apart in putting Belize on the map. The competition is going on right now and you can vote by going to their website or their  Facebook page and simply clicking on the country of your choice and then casting your vote. You can vote as many times as you want. It’s not just once or once a day.”

 To vote you can go to and vote for your favored country. Voting ends at midnight on May 17.   Of note is that Belize won the people’s choice award last two years with Bishop Martin’s project “coconuts for life”. vlcsnap-2015-05-13-10h07m24s142

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