The Smart Belize Hurricanes has captured their 2nd championship in three years over the DigiCell Belize City Defenders with a score of 78 – 66. Devin Daly let his team with 35 points and took home his second finals MVP. We couldn’t have a word with Daly, but did have words from his teammates, and this is what they had to say about

winning a championship
Tyson Reynold, Center, Bze Hurricanes:
We just won the championship, the first championship in the Civic. This win, for especially this team, it is much more than anybody would even dream of. This is bigger than just the team, it’s just like for Belize itself as a whole and as a family, for the culture so I’m excited. Coming here as an American, for my first year in NEBL and a professional career, it’s amazing and so surreal; I can’t even express the type of feeling. Belize is beautiful, the people are nice and the atmosphere is golden so I’m really glad I made this decision.  

We also had a words with the men within the hurricanes organization and this is what he had to say

Gilbert Gordon, CEO Smart Bze Hurricanes:
Tonight’s basketball game with SMART, we knew going into this championship game what the GM had put together regarding what the SMART Hurricane team had to offer. The team that we had was a well put together team, from the point guard all the way down to the 15th player. What I can say is that we found something midway through the season, so when you ask about tonight’s game, we knew that this game would definitely be in control for the SMART Belize Hurricane because from the game started, we noticed that the SMART Belize Hurricanes played an exceptional defensive matchup in regards to ensuring that the Defenders did not get into the paint and scored the points that they should have.

Paul Flowers Sr. General Manager, Smart Bze Hurricanes: Well, from my perspective, when I build teams, I like to build them in layers, without going into details. I didn’t have all the layers until about midway through the season when I brought in Timmy. When I brought in Timmy, I filled the only missing layer that I had because I had all the pieces at that point. I was waiting for one more piece, but the system clicked before that piece came. We did a 6-0 run, and then we brought that piece just to get us over the top, just to sort of finish off the master piece, and you saw the art work that was put down today. To win a championship, you have to think all the way through to the end. A lot of teams are going to think all the way through to the playoffs, some to the regular season, we think all the way through to the finals.

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