Belize Special Boat Unit defends maritime areas

The Belize Special Boat Unit is tasked with defending the country’s maritime areas. The SBU was formed five years ago, under the Maritime Unit, which is now the Belize Coast Guard. The SBU held an exhibit at this year’s Agric Show, where we learned about the responsibilities of this naval branch of Belize’s military.

Sergeant Dennis Haylock – Special Boat Unit:
vlcsnap-2013-05-07-19h24m52s51We basically are responsible for all ground-waters and all rivers from the Rio Honda to the Sarstoon and any other water that may come.  [We] also assist in flooding, evacuation, especially out in the Cayes. We had a big project when they had the Kendall Bridge, basically from June to November, we used to get deployed there. [we] just cross people when the low-lying places were flooded.

Sergeant Haylock also gave us a tour of one of two ReconCraft vessels used by the unit to operate in the waterways.

Sergeant Dennis Haylock – Special Boat Unit:
vlcsnap-2013-05-07-19h23m33s31This vessel here is known as a ReconCraft vessel.  It’s designed specifically to move over shallow water.  It’s very effective due to the fact that the displacement of it allows us to patrol areas that we would not normally patrol.  With this [vessel] we’re more effective in our defense.

The number of persons attached to the unit is currently at thirty strong

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