Belize Territorial Volunteers are Clearing Our Borderline


“Belize Territorial Volunteers” Clearing the Border. Incursions into Belize territory haves long been a problem. Recently there have been an increasing number of incursions and as a result some villagers mainly in the south have been negatively affected.  Guatemalans have come into the villages and pillaged people’s farms and stolen their horses.   As a result of these ongoing incursions and stealing of Belize’s resources, a group of concerned Belizeans came together and formed  a group dedicated to protecting our Belizean Patrimony – they are the ‘Belize Territorial Volunteers’. PlusNews spoke with Wil Mahiea who told us more.

WIL MAHIEA – Belize Territorial Volunteers:
Belize Territorial Volunteers are a group of volunteers, concerned Belizeans who live mostly on the south, along the border, and are concerned about the incursions. This initiative that we have for this year is to clear the borderline between Belize and Guatemala.

On March 2nd 2013, the Belize Territorial Volunteers will begin a project called “Clearing Our Borderline” and will be joined by various partners including: the Belize Coalition for Justice, Peoples National Party, and COLA.

WIL MAHIEA – Belize Territorial Volunteers:
vlcsnap-2013-02-21-20h19m40s224Come the second of March we will gather in the village of Jalacte, and we have over a hundred machetes.  So we’d like people to come out, and we’ll begin to clear the borderline, similar like if your drawing the line for your farm, or plowing the land for your lot.  It’s just to maintain it.  We’ve been clearing the border with 3 feet wide lines, just so that people could see it. This is aligned with the borderline. When the British were here the borderline was clear. It was demarcated. It’s not these days.  So our intent is to demarcate the border, make sure that people know where the borderline is, and when there is anybody coning over into Belize territory, they’ll know their crossing Belize’s territory.

Other organizations and concerned Belizeans who wish to join this effort can contact Wil Maheia on his cell at 610-0978

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