Belize Territorial Volunteers heading back to the border

The Belize Territorial Volunteers are heading back to the border. The group was formed earlier this year and pledged to clear the border area and properly demarcate it from Guatemala’s border. Since its first expedition in March, the group has garnered quite some opposition, but they have gotten some public support as well.  In fact, they have recently received some jungle clothing and footwear from a Belizean living in the US, Alix Dillet. Valentino Teck, a villager from San Jose and leader of the BTV in that area, says that the jungle clothing and footwear came just in time, as the area they will be working in during the weekend, is much more challenging. The BTV will continue clearing the border this coming Saturday and Sunday. Over 100 people have committed to work this weekend, and the BTV expects to clear at least several miles of the border between Belize and Guatemala.

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