Belize Vs. Cayman

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Belizean football fans all across the nation had high expectations for the new National Team after the President of the FFB Ruperto Vicente gave his remarks on last week Wednesday’s home game against the Grand Cayman Islands; predicting a 6 to nil victory for Belize. Indeed FIFA records show Belize ranked far higher in competitiveness than the Grand Cayman Islands who has always been one of the teams at the bottom of the food chain in world football. Belize went home disappointed after Wednesday March 25th’s game because even though Belize received a lot of opportunities to score, notwithstanding the penalty kick awarded to Belize in the first half of the game, the Belize Jaguars failed to put the ball in the net assuring them victory. The team travelled to the Grand Caymans over the weekend to play their second game and even though the Belize jaguars failed to score during their first game, fans hoped that the level of control observed during the National team’s home game would play out during their second game at the Grand Caymans; and indeed they did. But during the first half of the game Belize was down by one. However the Belize Jaguars managed to pull off a goal during a free kick and so the game was tied. But because the Belize Jaguars scored in their game outside of their homeland, Belize now advances to the next round. The next game of the world cup qualifiers 2018 is set for July 2015 where Belize squares off with the Dominican Republic.

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