Belize Waste Control responds to Mayor of Belize City

On Monday night, we showed you Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley speaking on the Council’s current spat with Belize Waste Control and BML. Well on Tuesday, the Belize Waste Control hit back, saying the Mayor’s comments on payments were untrue. But before we get into that release, take a look at what the Mayor had to say on Monday.

vlcsnap-2013-10-29-07h51m56s48Mr. Darrel Bradley- Mayor of Belize City

“Our countdown is that we are about ten weeks behind with them.   In relation to this current period, we are not anywhere more behind with them than we were last year.   The difficulty is and we approach this from a structural point of view, that I maintain these Sanitation Contracts represent 45% of the city’s outlays, it is too costly on the City.   What we are doing is unsustainable.   If you recall last year, Geovanni, at this present moment, there were waste control personnel right in front of my office, picketing; I know that under Zenaida’s term in office, there was protest as well, so that this is a situation that goes on for years and years and years…and it’s only going to be soft is we take a very realistic look at the sanitation contractors”.

But not so, say BWCL. The company claims that the last payment from the City Council shows that it was for the week of July 15-19 of this year, a payment which was received on October 2rd.

Secondly, says the Belize Waste Control “Weeks outstanding begins from July 22nd, 2013 through November 1st, 2013 shows a total of 15 weeks. This shows Mayor Zenaida Moya’s slow season invention and Mayor Bradley’s extension starts from July and not September, and will run until December.” The release continues to note that if the Council intends to make its next payment in December, 2013, then they will be in arrears over 19 weeks, which is completely unreasonable for any business to operate. And throwing one last jab at the Mayor, BWCL says “During [Mayor] Zenaida [Moya]’s terms in office there were protests indeed, but she never allowed her arrears to go beyond 7 to 8 weeks, and BWCL received information directly from her and not through media houses’ interviews. Mayor Bradley which is more habitual, slow season annually, or your dismissive reputation earned in such a short time in office?” The company affirms however, that it welcomes an opportunity to meet with Mayor Bradley and says representatives will patiently wait for that meeting

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