Belizean Artists First hosted Father’s Day Song Competition and Concert

On Saturday night, the Association for Belizean Artists First (ABAF) hosted its fifth annual Father’s Day Song Competition and Concert, which for the first time is being held among high school entrants only. Ahead of the concert, on Friday Promoter Tony Wright told us how his organization collaborated with the Ministry of Education for this edition of the contest.

Tony Wright – Promoter:
vlcsnap-2013-06-17-18h34m10s22What happen is this year we’ve decided, because the Minister of Education get involved with us, because last year a student came in third, so the Minister get all excited and they decided that they want work with us. When we started four years ago it was open.  Anybody could take part.  But we also thought that it was not a level playing field, seeing that last year the first and second place people [were] super-star artists.  So we thought that we couldn’t put the young people along with them.  So we decided that we’d do one show this year just for the students.

The winners were as follows: 3rd place went to Gwen Lizarraga High School representative John Young for his punta song “Daddy’s Love,” for which he won $300 cash and the same in scholarship assistance from the Ministry. 2nd place went to Anglican Cathedral College (ACC) entry “Big Up My Father”, sung by Joliker Landre, who received $500 cash and $500 scholarship assistance. And the big winners were the “Angry Birds Crew” of Wesley College – Marquise Brakeman, Cory Ingram and Charles Sutherland who rapped their winning entry, “My Daddy.” They won $1,000 each in cash and scholarship assistance. According to Wright, the entries, limited only to high school students for this year, were whittled from 16 to 10 by a panel of judges who removed songs with objectionable content. The contest promotes fatherhood and the pride of being a dad and contestants are asked to be positive with the lyrics.

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