Belizean artists perform at California’s “Reggae on the River”

vlcsnap-2013-08-15-10h27m08s100“Reggae on the River” is an annual Reggae fest held in Humbuldt County, California on the first week of August. The Festival was born in 1983 and has since gotten very popular, reeling in thousands of reggae fans from across the border. In this year’s festival, Belize had the privilege to be represented by two of its major Belizean artists- The Garifuna Collective and Ras Indio. Ras Indio told us more about it.



Ras Indio – Reggae Artist:

vlcsnap-2013-08-15-09h27m51s115vlcsnap-2013-08-15-10h31m47s70Powers of the Most High has guided me to represent us, Belize, at one of the hugest festivals across the United States.  Me, being one of the ongoing Reggae artists of Belize, I no stop. I keep the fire blazing.  For over five years now we have been making attempts to get on this festival.  We even get letters sent all the way here to Belize that say “We’re too booked up this year”, whatever the case may be.  But this year we got the blessing, and they brought us on to kick-off the entire festival, along with the Garifuna Collective.  So there were two acts representing Belize this year, on the Annual “Reggae on the River”.  It was amazing.  A lot of the people out there, in California, already know my music.  It’s my stamping ground, some people would say.  It was a blessing to go and sing my songs and see people singing along with songs like “Jah bless us always, through the struggle and the strain.”   Those people out there know those songs by heart. So it’s a blessing.

Ras Indio also shared with us his experiences with working with other famous artists such as world famous reggae artist Lucky Dube






Ras Indio – Reggae Artist:

vlcsnap-2013-08-15-10h17m55s189I had the privilege to open up a show in 2007 with Lucky Dube.  That was the last show he ever did before he passed away.  I was privileged to open up that show.  At this “Reggae on the River” I met his daughter, Nicile Dube.  And now she would want to come to Belize, and I would hope to bring her to Belize one day.  You never know.  Her vibes was blessed.



Ras Indio told us a little about the production of one of his new music videos “Wake Up Belize”

Ras Indio – Reggae Artist:

vlcsnap-2013-08-15-10h52m14s62That video was shot, basically, by myself.  I would have people around me who I would ask, “Hey, hold the camera real quick, so I could get this scene.” It wasn’t really professionally done, like the next video which will be coming up, which is called “Time is now”.  That’s why I love the video so much, ’cause it’s so real.  It was just me and my children in the front yard one day.  Believe it or not, I asked my Mom to hold the camera while I did the scene with them in the front yard.  Then I was in Placencia with a friend, and I asked her to hold the camera while I did my scene there.  That’s how the video came about.  We put the extra clips in, and now we have a song called “Wake Up Belize.”

You can purchase the single on iTunes.

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