Belizean customs work with Mexican counterparts at old Bridge border crossing

The Old Bridge between the Corozal Free Zone and Subtiniente Lopez , Mexico has remained closed to vehicular traffic since May 10th.  Belizeans now use the new bridge, however, the old bridge was still being used by Mexicans who frequent the Free Zone and those referred to as  “fayuqueros”, or smugglers of products out of the free zone into Mexico. Mexico had asked Belizean customs to assist them in stopping commercial exportation from the Free Zone through the old bridge.  That led to a confrontation between Fayuggueros and Belizean customs officers on the bridge. Since then, the collaborative monitoring of the bridge continues, Comptroller of Customs, Collin Griffith told us.vlcsnap-00058

Colin Grffith, Comptroller of Customs: On the Belize side of the bridge we would have checkpoint on certain days, this is also in collaboration with the Corozal free zone. We continue to monitor that are and we can say that the exportation of commercial shipment through the old bridge has ceased. It has not been directed to the new bridge as has been requested by our Mexican counterparts, that exercise is ongoing. The Mexicans have expressed that they cannot charge the requisite duties on the old bridge, therefore they request it from Belize Customs if we could assist to have the goods being export through the new bridge where they would be able to charge the new duties whatsoever.

The Mexicans had said that it is only a temporary suspension of vehicular traffic, but the bridge remains open to pedestrians. vlcsnap-00104 vlcsnap-00103 vlcsnap-00102

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