Belizean fishermen deported from Guatemala Tuesday night

The Belizean fishermen who were detained by Guatemalan authorities for alleged “illegal fishing” in Guatemalan territory were returned to Belize on the night of Tuesday May 31. The eight fishermen had been detained by the Guatemalan navy lastThursday night for illegal entry into Guatemala when they disembarked their vessel at Punta Manabique beach in Izabal department, Guatemala. Punta Manabique is an affluent community which is found on a peninsula of Guatemala directly across from Punta Gorda Town. The fishermen; Jeffery Gongora, Manuel Flores, Antonio Pop, Simeon Batun, Isidro Tamai, Jorge Tamai, Bartolo Jimenez, and Ernesto Megan were transported directly to Guatemala city and later allowed to visit the Belize Embassy in Guatemala City. At the embassy the men were processed and given proper documentation to be used for their deportation. On Tuesday night, the 8 fishermen arrived in Belize. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they traveled by road.vlcsnap-2016-05-31-12h04m35s215 vlcsnap-2016-05-31-12h04m39s427 vlcsnap-2016-05-31-12h04m45s426

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