Belizean Joel Evans succeeding at his dreams in the US

Joel Evans is a Belizean born who grew up in Dangriga. Evans moved to the USA to study when he was 18 and followed his dream into the work of video production. He has made quite a name for himself, receiving several awards including five Emmy awards and nine nominations! Evans now lives in Jackson, TN and is starting a new company. He was featured on a television show in that city where he spoke about his new venture.

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“I was born in Belize and I lived there until I was about 18 yrs old and then I decided to move to Nashville to originally pursue auto engineering, that’s what I really wanted to do. One of my friends introduced me to film.  I had never really done video and I never really knew what that was. I’ve seen movies and that was the extent of my experience. I fell in love with what they were showing me and then I realize that this was what I wanted to do. When I started doing it I realized that I had natural skills and talents that God has given me. I was extremely passionate about it and really went on this fast track on how I approached video. The entity that I’m starting is called Jackson Ally Films.”

Evans is making his media rounds in the US and is scheduled to be in a magazine published for the music industry for alvlcsnap-2016-07-14-11h59m05s37l record labels on Music Row in Nashville. Joel Evans is the son of Dangriga Pastors Michael and Patricia Evans.

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