Belizean Man dies in Fatal Traffic Accident in Mexico

A Belizean man was the victim of a fatal traffic accident in Mexico.  50 year old Rene August,  also known as “Willie B”, a resident of Santa Elena, Cayo District died on Tuesday night in Vera Cruz, Mexico while driving down from the US to Belize. August was part of a caravan of Belizeans driving down vehicles from the United States and was traveling in the company of 67 year old Juan Rudon, who emerged from the accident unharmed. The two Belizeans were traveling in a red Ford Escape, driven by August at the time. They were towing a black Jeep Patriot when August lost control, causing the vehicle to overturn. He apparently died on the spot. August was a popular tour guide in Cayo and made frequent business trips by road from the US to Belize through Mexico.//vlcsnap-2016-08-18-14h23m25s241

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