Belizean Nurse Accused of Homicide in Bronx, New York.

Cherrylee Young, a 41 year old Nurse at the University Nursing Home, in Bronx New York, is  being accused of killing a 77 year old patient with sight disability.

Reports are that on December 8th, Cherrylee Young, originally from Belize, beat 77 year old Frank Mercado who fell onto a table that broke. As a result, a piece of wood was lodged in his rectum, which caused internal bleeding, authorities said. Frank Mercado died hours later.

On December 9th , Cherrylee Young was arrested and charged with neglect homicide, among other charges. Online news reports are that Ms Young told police that Mr Mercado hit her first and she acted in self defence.

She now faces a possible indictment before a grand jury at the Bronx Criminal Court, but her attorney told the media that she will be pleading not guilty.

77 year old Frank Mercado had been living at the residence for over four years.

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