Belizean Sherilyn Jones heads the Museum Association of the Caribbean

Last week we showed you the regional meeting of the Museum Association of the Caribbean. Now we can report that for the next 12 months, Belize has received the honor of leading that association. The woman holding the post is Director of Museums and Houses of Culture, Sherilyn Jones.

vlcsnap-2013-11-06-09h14m52s0Mrs. Sherilyn Jones- Director of Museums and Houses of Culture

“We hosted them last week.   It was an and informative exciteful conference, and during the AGM, I was voted… they felt that my leadership skills…the fact that I was young and the fact that the Museum of Belize in itself is young.   The fact that we could foster stronger relationships and collaborations within the Caribbean”.

Reporter:   “From a Belizean perspective, it’s very good, but will this enhance Belize’s Museuology in any way?”

Mrs. Sherilyn Jones: “Of course, the Museum Association as like I said, is a regional body with loads of expertise.   Some of these Caribbean countries have museums that are 100 years old, and as we alluded to the Museum of Belize is only 11 years old.   We in Belize still have to get to as place where museum is a natural part of going.   People think of that building of somewhere where foreigners go”.

Sherilyn Jones speaks her vision for the role.

Mrs.  Sherilyn Jones:   “As the president, I am able to learn from my colleagues on the board and duplicate some of those measures that have been successful like in Trinidad or like maybe in Jamaica here in Belize so that the word ‘museum’ and creation is synonymous”.

Reporter:  “And how long will you be president?”

Mrs.  Sherilyn Jones:   “I will be president for one year.   So, at the next AGM which will be held in Jamaica next year, there will be new elections and new nominations for president”.

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