Belizean Solidarity with Venezuela’s Plight

In the midst of all Petro Caribe back and forth the Venezuelan people find themselves in one of the worst economic crisis in history, generating up to a $50 billion dollars in debt as a direct result of the Petro Caribe Program. The tremors of the Venezuelan’s plight was felt all the way in Belize when for 9 days straight Belizeans had to ration their fuel, particularly diesel, due to an unexpected shortage. A release from Barclays report, picked up by the international media last week, states that Venezuela has cut in half its subsidized shipments of crude oil to Petro Caribe member countries, including Belize. On top of all this on March 9th Last two weeks, President Barack Obama declared Venezuela a national security threat and ordered sanctions against seven officials from the oil rich country. The white house said the order targeted people whose actions undermined democratic processes or institutions. In response to that the Ambassador of Venezuela to Belize H. E. Yoel Perez Marcano hosted a conference on March 21st to launch the Belizean Organization for Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution (Bev-Ven) Program.

His Excellency Yoel Perez Marcono – Ambassador of Venezuelvlcsnap-2015-03-31-13h09m29s244

And even though the decision wants extend with its same proposal to protect the rights of the Venezuelans, we all know that the debt is to dispose of the financial resources, human, and of intelligence  to try to develop a new strategy of aggression against Venezuela which they had as a proposal. The overthrow of the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro   and to the start  of other governments and the service and interest of the United States, which is against the conquest of the Venezuelans, that destroys all the creation of the Constitution of Latin America and their manner particularly against the  petroleum property of Venezuela to take control of the grand petroleum  industries of Venezuela which is one of the biggest in the world with a probability of five hundred billion barrels of oil, which is can supply the entire world. We do not have war as a proposal. We  will do everything possible  to prevent war, but that is our territory, and we are prepared to defend it. We have the obligation to defend it and in defending ourselves,  we will not only defend our territory, we will defend the Caribbean and Latin American countries. Because if they overthrow us,  they will over through the Latin American and Caribbean countries. 


  The Chairman of the Bel-Ven Organization Cesar Ross spoke about the organization and what they mean by standing in solidarity with Venezuela.


Cesar Ross- Chairman Bel-Ven Organizationvlcsnap-2015-03-31-13h09m40s99

“I remember when we started this about a year ago,  at an event held here, a Cuban diplomat was here. This Cuban diplomat turned to me and said;

‘ ok have you lived in Venezuela?’

I said,’no.’ 

‘Have you studied in Venezuela?’

I said ‘no.’


‘Have you gotten a scholarship from Venezuela?’

I said, ‘no.’

‘Then why are you with this Venezuelan solidarity organization?’

 And its not because of something I have gotten. It’s not because of something any of us have gotten. So I will, again, reinforce what  Professor Wilkins, what Mr. Humphris have said. we are not in a struggle because we have gotten something from Venezuela.  We are not I a struggle because Venezuela has helped our society and they  have helped. I can go into a whole list. So when we stand here,  we talk about solidarity, we are talking about s solidarity witrh a cause, for a cause, for a world more just. “


Another key note speaker was the Mayor of Dangriga Francis Humphris, who stated for the record his support for the Venezuelan Government and its people.


Francis Humphris – Mayor of Dangriga

You do have the unwavering support of myself as an individual, whvlcsnap-2015-03-31-13h09m48s182o fully recognizes that an injustice is being done to a nation that aspires to only be what it wants to be.  So, I really don’t have any other choice than to say to you, you have my unswerving  support and I do not believe that I go beyond the limits  of my authority in saying to you,  especially since I see other dignitaries like my good friend Mr. Roy Cayetano, in saying to you that the community of Dangriga expresses its indignation at the way the United States has responded to your  just and honorable aspirations and that whatever we can do, both as individuals and as a community,  to ensure that those just and honorable  aspirations are not only preserved but enhanced the way you the Venezuelan people want to preserve and enhance those aspirations, We stand with you in solidarity.


 Other dignitaries who attended the event were Garifuna writer Roy Cayetano, and Deputy Mayor for Belmopan Jacqueline Burns.//

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