Belizean student in Taiwan involved in fatal traffic accident

vlcsnap-2013-06-14-19h23m55s144A Belizean studying in Taiwan was involved in a fatal traffic accident. Clarencio Coc, originally from Cayo, was along with a Guatemalan student, going home from a party, when the motorcycle they were on crashed into another vehicle. The Guatemalan student, who was the driver of the cycle, was killed on impact and Coc was rushed to the hospital, but passed away shortly after.  The Embassy of Taiwan made best efforts in contacting his family before news of his death surfaced in the country. This afternoon, we spoke via telephone with Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize His Excellency David Wu about the tragic incident.

David Wu – Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize:
vlcsnap-2013-06-14-19h26m31s167This morning, at about 11am, we received a phone call from Taiwan, telling us the tragic news that there was a car accident that happened on Friday night in Taiwan a quarter to ten. Two foreign students, their nationality, one is from Guatemala and one is from Belize and both of them had a collision with a vehicle. At the time, the victims of the car accident, they were riding a motorbike. When we learned that information, it was early Saturday there, and so it was a bit difficult for us to get more details, but we have been in contact with our Foreign Ministry.

Mr Coc was the recipient of a 2010 scholarship in Tropical Agriculture. He was in his third year of studies at The National Pintung University of Science and technology, and had just one more year remaining. Ambassador Wu relayed to us that the Embassy, along with the Belize Foreign Affairs Ministry remain in contact with Coc’s family to assist in any way they can.

David Wu – Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize:
My embassy has tried to contact the victim’s family and also your Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This afternoon, we already got in contact with Mr. Clarencio’s sister. At the moment, my embassy is working together with your embassy in Taiwan and your Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are now trying to have further contact with Mr. Coc’s family to see in what way we can help his father, either to get the body of Clarencio Coc back from Taiwan or what is the decision he makes, we will try to help him. 

Belize has had a long standing partnership with the Taiwan Embassy that offers Belizean students scholarships to attend college in Taiwan. And very soon, some 22 more students will be traveling to the country. In the wake of Coc’s tragic death Ambassador Wu reassured students and their families that the welfare  of international student has and will always remain a primary concern for the Embassy.

David Wu – Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize:
This year we will have more than 22 scholarship recipients and they will be awarded a scholarship to study in Taiwan. We want to tell them that we have safety and security as a primary concern as our embassy and my Government. So please when they got o Taiwan, they have to be very careful. We discourage them to ride a motorbike and we also discourage and remind them again and again to avoid the drunk driving or over speeding. So please convey the message to the students who want to go to study in Taiwan, please be careful for their safety.

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